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Mori no Ike Friending Meme!~ [Jan. 23rd, 2007|05:39 pm]
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For 森の池 campers on livejournal, 'cause I know there are a bunch (at least 131, seeing as that's the number of members this community has) of them out there somewhere. xD I hate losing touch with my camp friends and I'm sure other people feel the same way, so this is an attempt to make is possible for fellow Mori no Ike campers of past, present, and future to meet old and new friends who share their interests!

Please participate in the meme! It's easy, takes a but moment of you time, and you get rewarded with friends and fun. :3 (God, that sounded corny..)

( This way to the Mori no Ike friending meme, hosted at my journal~ )


- 蛍